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To be updated prior to season start 2015/16


Rules of the Lincolnshire Squash Leagues

1. Registration

The competition is open to any clubs in the Lincolnshire and South Humberside area that are affiliated to England Squash and who have adequate changing facilities.

2. Entry Fee

The entry fee for the competition is £40-00 per team and this should be sent with the teams entry form. The fee should be made payable to “Lincolnshire SRA”.  This is payable prior to the first match

3. Player Eligibility

Players must be squash members of the clubs from which their team plays from and generally may only play for ONE club per season. In certain circumstances, special dispensation may be given for transfers. This should be sought through writing to the league secretary. (Steve Tinker) Only players that have played at least twice for the team can play in the last four matches. New club members wishing to play for a team must be registered with the league secretary before playing for the team.

4. Team Members

A team will consist of three players playing in strict order of merit .Any contravention of this rule will result in all rubbers from the highest string down from where the contravention first occurred being awarded as 3-0 walkovers to the opposing teams, and the points from the match being recalculated accordingly.

5. Representing Different Teams from the same Club

Where a club fields two or more teams, players may occasionally represent a different team. This should be done strictly to make up numbers in teams, after all the teams registered players have been found unavailable, and must not be used to strengthen a team. It should be evident through the number of appearances made by players which team they are a registered player for. At clubs where players are spread evenly rather than with a first team  second team etc system replacements should be like for like or lower, i.e. an unavailable second string player from Team A may only be replaced by a second or third string player from Team B. Judging infringements of this rule will be at the League Secretaries discretion ( Steve Tinker)

6. Arranging Fixtures

All games to be played on a Tuesday night. Dates and start times will be on the official fixture list. Results cards must be sent first class and arrive by Friday

7. Order of Play

Matches may be played over one or two courts at the discretion of the home captain. However it is recommended that one court is used, with a playing order of 3-1-2.

8 Team Orders

The team order must be written on the official  scorecard before the start of play. The home team should write theirs out first. Any objection to the order by either team should be raised before the start of play. Where such objections are not settled, the match must be played and a full report forwarded to the League Secretary. (Steve Tinker)

9. Score Card

The home team captain is responsible for keeping a record of the scores (including the game scores) as the match takes place. Following the match results must be posted to the League and Results Secretary (Steve Tinker). The result card should be sent to the league secretary to arrive no later than the following Friday.  Any late card will be penalised by the deduction of 3 points. Cards to be filled in with both teams’ names, game scores ,match scores and signed by both captains.

 10. Cancellations

Teams should make every effort to field a full team at all times. If a team cannot be raised the team captain should contact the League Secretary (Steve Tinker) and the opposing captain. The opposing team will be awarded a walkover and 12 points. In extreme weather conditions that cause problems in traveling a cancellation is allowed but the League Secretary must be contacted and informed of any re-arranged dates.

11. Match Times

Matches must start no later than 7-30pm or as near as possible considering court booking times at the club. Late starts may be penalised by the forfeit of the third string for the offending team. If the match runs out of court time, the home team will concede any matches in progress or yet to begin.

12. Games and points

Matches will be the best of 3 rubbers, each rubber the best of 5 games. Each game won will score one point for that team. A bonus of 3 points will be awarded to the winning team (decided on rubbers) Each game will be par scoring to 15 points & 2 clear points if required. 

13 Referees and Markers

All matches must be properly refereed/marked . A single referee is considered adequate. The home team is responsible for arranging this. Unless agreed otherwise the home team will officiate all rubbers.

14. Rules of Play and Ball.

The rules of play are those of the World Singles Game of Squash, approved by the World Squash Federation, effective since May 2001 including any updates since.  The ball used should be the current Dunlop double yellow pro ball. Where both captains agree, a single spot ball may be used on cold courts.

15. Food

Captains should agree before the match if the home team shall provide food/refreshments after the match. If the home side refuses then the away side choosing to do so in the reverse fixture is entirely optional. An away side should indicate beforehand if they will be unable to provide food for the reverse fixture in which case providing food for the immediate fixture is entirely optional for the home side.

16. Courts

Courts used for League Matches must be of standard markings, with the walls painted white or cream and the court floors unslippy and safe. Rainbow courts should not be used unless agreed by both captains.

17. League Table

The league table shall be ranked on priorities as follows:

1)      Total Points

2)      Most Matches Won

3)      Least matches Lost

4)      Most points Gained against opposing team*

5)      Fewest points conceded against opposing team*

6)      Fewest matches won by Walkover.

*will only be used if separating a two way tie.

In the unlikely event of teams still being inseparable a play off may be arranged at the discretion of the League Secretary (Steve Tinker)

18. Disputes and Complaints

Any dispute or complaint must be referred to the League Secretary (Steve Tinker), in writing, within seven days of the offence being discovered. The League Secretary may settle minor disputes. Otherwise any such matter brought to their attention by a team captain, referee or bystander shall be considered by the County Committee who may refer it to a league meeting or England Squash and Racketball.  The decision from any of these groups will be considered final with no right of appeal, whether or not it is covered by these rules and neither the County Committee or League Secretary will enter into further correspondence regarding the matter.

19. Infringing of Rules

The County Committee or League Secretary (Steve Tinker) reserves the right to take such action as deemed necessary against any individual or club considered to be infringing any of these rules.

20. Cup Competitions

The above rules will apply to all of the cup competitions. Cup teams will consist of 5 players. Registration forms will need to be completed for all cup competitions.

Cup registration will be £10 per team , one team per club allowed in cup competitions.


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