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Dear Team Captains/Managers


Following on from a Squash meeting regarding disruption and breaching the code of conducts within the Lincolnshire leagues, we would like to point out that this does not occur very often and hopefully with your help will not again.


May I draw your attention and the players within your team/squad towards the rules of the game of squash. As a County we are an affiliate of ESR and the latest and most up to date copies can be found and downloaded from the website at where you will also find all the codes of conduct (overleaf).


Refereeing matches is not everyone’s cup of tea! It’s like Marmite you either like it or hate it but unfortunately we have to do it and most players with some knowledge of the rules can manage very well.  The problems start when we get asked to do a match where players are around the same standard, which can become contentious and competitive.  Please take time to read the rules on the code of conduct and ensure that all players in your team are aware and adhere to them. We do not want the game bringing it to disrepute i.e. swearing, misuse of equipment and abusive behavior towards fellow players and spectators. You must remember that you are not only representing your club/team but also your County League.


If you feel you have matches that require a qualified referee we can arrange this if we have prior notice, we can also arrange informal rules nights and ESR courses should we have enough interested parties.  


As a committee we have worked hard to improve participation within the leagues and will take firm action on further reports regarding code of conduct rule No17.


Lincolnshire Squash leagues are there for your enjoyment and we hope you continue to enjoy them your help in this matter is very much appreciated, most people can access the websites from the phone or computers if you are unable to do this please let me no and I will get you a copy.


Kind regards


Phil Hiatt

County Chairman


Players Code of Conduct:

I am committed to…

•    Acting as an Ambassador for Club, County, Region and  England Squash
    & Racketball – responsible for the positive image of the game of   
•    Maintaining a positive temperament
•    Respecting all tournament organisers/officials
•    Abiding by tournament rules and regulations
•    Not carrying or drinking alcohol at any England Squash & Racketball,
        ESF and WSF Sanctioned Events
•    Competing and training drug-free
•    Medical preparation for travel (if required)
•   injections required
•   hydration / nutrition
•    Complying with Visa requirements (if required)
•    Effective use of time – during tournaments and between tournaments.
•    Supporting team/squad members.
•    England Squash & Racketball, ESF and WSF Sanctioned Events

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